Monster Information
Attack Style Melee
Members? No
Combat level 267
Monster HP 450
Always Drops Charms
Aggressiveness Yes
Slayer Monster? No
Weakness? Crush
Approximate Capture Kills 920
Capture Requirements 15px99
Examine text That's one big ork...


Bork is a high level ork that has been left to wander the Chaos tunnels. Bork is protected by his minions, only coming to aid their master when he has half his health left.

Chaos Tunnel Entrances

There are five main entrances to the Chaos Tunnels. The one that will get you to Bork the fastest is the first one, located to the far West. 

File:ChaosTunnels entrances.png

Drop List

Item Quantity Rarity
File:Adamant med helm.pngAdamant med helm 1 2 Common
File:Adamant arrow.pngAdamant arrow 100 2 Common
File:Adamant dagger.pngAdamant dagger 1 2 Common
File:Adamant dart.pngAdamant dart 25 2 Common
File:Maple logs.pngMaple logs 1–25 2 Common
File:Adamant ore.pngAdamant ore 1–25 2 Common
File:Chaos rune.pngChaos rune 100 3 Uncommon
File:Death rune.pngDeath rune 100 3 Uncommon
File:Adamant dagger.pngAdamant dagger 2 3 Uncommon
File:Adamant med helm.pngAdamant med helm 2 3 Uncommon
File:Rune bar.pngRune bar 2 3 Uncommon
File:Rune chainbody.pngRune chainbody 1 4 Rare
File:Adamant berserker shield 0.pngAdamant berserker shield 0 1 4 Rare
File:Rune dagger.pngRune dagger 1 4 Rare
File:Golden mining gloves.pngGolden mining gloves 1 5 Very rare
File:Golden mining boots.pngGolden mining boots 1 5 Very rare
File:Golden mining helmet.pngGolden mining helmet 1 5 Very rare
File:Golden mining trousers.pngGolden mining trousers 1 5 Very rare
File:Golden mining top.pngGolden mining top 1 5 Very rare
File:Porkey.pngPorkey 1 6 Epic