To gain access to capturing monsters you must first complete the Mastering Enchancement quest. This quest gives you access to catch an NPC and use it in combat like a Summoning Familiar.  

Each NPC possesses a unique amount of kills to be able to be caught; this means to capture a monster in your Bolt pouch (can be obtained by talking to the Summoning Master for free) you must kill it a certain amount of times. A player may keep track of their killcount progress towards being able to capture a certain monster by using a Bolt pouch on it.  

1 Extra Mastering Space can be purchased from the Soulsplit shop for 9,999 credits. 

At first it was possible to capture almost every NPC, but due to an update it is now only possible to catch a monster up to combat level 215 for non-members and up to 300 for members. 


To be able to capture high tier NPCs you must have higher tier of levels in Hunter and Summoning. Be aware that all monsters of 200+ combat require 99 Hunter and Summoning, eg. King Black Dragon, Bork, Steel dragon.