This page will show you how to change your Home Teleport and spawning location, as well as how to change your spellbook.

Changing your Home Teleport

To change your Home Teleport Location, first you must teleport to Edgeville via City Teleports.

Now, follow the path to talk to the Sailor.
Once talking, select Can I change my home location? You will be given the choices of: Lunar Isle, Grand Exchange, Neitiznot, Edgeville, and Lumbridge.





To change your curses, once again you're going to want to talk to the Sailor located in Edgeville. Once talking, select Could you take me to the Chaos Altar? Once there, follow the drawn path, and pray at the altar.


Ancient Magicks

Once again, start off by speaking to the Sailor in Edgeville. This time, ask him Could you take me to the Desert Pyramid? Once there, follow the drawn path.


Once there, follow the drawn path, and pray at the altar.

Lunar Spells

Start off by talking to the Sailor in Edgeville, asking him this time Could you take me to Lunar Isle? Once you arrive, follow the drawn path to the atlar, and pray at it.


Instead of just clicking on this altar, right click it and hit pray, rather than craft-rune.


  • To change back to the Normal Magicks, all you must do is pray at any of the altars, and you'll be switched back.
  • Not all of the spells are available in Soulsplit yet.