Distractions and Diversions are a set of activities used to gain experience outside of the normal skill. On Soulsplit, these consists of the Evil Tree and Shooting Star activities. Players are able to gain experience in various skills and rewards for their designated skills from each.

Players receive Kindling and Stardust while mining or cutting the respective Distraction. These can be traded in with the Leprechaun or Alien who spawn when the Tree or Star is completely cleared.

Each of these activities spawn at timed intervals around the world of Soulsplit. When a new one spawns, the old one disappears. One must finish the star or tree prior to the next one spawning to trade in the currency for rewards.

Further explanation of how to participate in each Distraction and Diversion can be found by clicking their respective activity name below:

Shooting Star

Evil Tree

The locations where each spawns can be found using the guides listed below:

Shooting Star Locations

Evil Tree Locations