Draynor Village
Draynor Village bank
Also called Draynor
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks One
Amount of Altars None
Points of Interest Draynor Manor
Accessibility City Teleports
Draynor Village's location on the map


Draynor Village is a small village located north of the Wizard Tower and can be found between Lumbridge and Port Sarim. It is a very popular location to hang out, trade items or train skills. 

How to get there

Draynor Village can be easily accessed by the method of teleporting, via City Teleports.

Features found in this area


The Draynor Village bank is one of the more useful features of Draynor and is the arrival spot upon teleporting. This bank is one of the most commonly used banks in the game, other then the normal banking features, for mainly trading or hanging out. 

Hunting Grounds

There are a few Hunting grounds located in or around Draynor Village. This location is used frequently for quick training because of the quick location of the bank and the hunting shop owner, Aleck, is near by. The following creatures can be caught in or around Draynor:

Hunter Creature Hunting Requirements Location Picture
Copper Longtail

9 Hunter

Bird Snare

South of bank File:Copper longtail icon.png

27 Hunter

Box Trap

South of bank

Near the jail

File:Ferret icon.png
Red Chinchompa

63 Hunter

Box Trap

Lumbirdge Swamp File:Red chinchompa.png

Shooting Star

Draynor is also well known for its two exclusive Shooting Star locations, in which potential locations include the Wizards' Tower located south of Draynor Village, and a location on the path to the north, en route to the Draynor Manor. Since these locations are easier to access than other locations, these shooting Stars tend to be extremely popular around peak times. 

Monsters found in this area

Draynor Village has very minimal threat when it comes to monsters. There is currently only one monster found in the area, which is a level 20 Market Guard

NPC's found in this area


Aleck is an NPC, located near the Willow trees, who sells various Hunter supplies and equipment. He is the only NPC to sell supplies and equipment useful to train the Hunter skill. It is very important tto note that there are a few Hunting grounds close to him, which makes his location very beneficial to those training the skill. 


Morgan is an NPC, located in the houses north of the bank, who allows the player to start the quest: Vampire Slayer. He is also a potential target NPC for a Clue anagram throughout the steps of completing a Clue scroll,