Evil Tree is a Distractions and Diversions which allows players to gain Woodcutting XP.

Much like the Shooting Star D&D, the Evil Tree will spawn in a random location around the world. Once fully grown, by being nurtured by 2 different players, it will become an Evil magic tree. It can be chopped down for kindling which acts just like stardust . After awhile, the tree will become a lower level tree.


Level 1: Magic logs - 75 Woodcutting.

Level 2: Yew logs - 60 Woodcutting.

Level 3: Maple logs - 45 Woodcutting.

Level 4: Willow logs - 30 Woodcutting.

Level 5: Oak logs - 15 Woodcutting.

Level 6 (final stage): Normal logs - no requirements. 


Name Location Map Location

Varrock /Lumbridge

  • Lumberyard (Southeast of Varrock)
  • Gertrude's house (in front of the cooking guild)
  • Lumbridge swamp (Near the water altar)
  • A little bit past the East Varrock exit
  • South of Varrock by the stone table

Barrows teleport and the Phasmaty's farming patch teleport

  • South of Barrows
  • In Canifis
  • East of Ectofuntus
  • East of the Slayer Tower
  • On the trail West of Barrows

Draynor /Falador

  • South of Draynor bank
  • Mezlar's Maze/South of the Crafting Guild
  • Southwest of Draynor Manor
  • The Dark Wizard Tower
  • North of the Body Altar/South of the Edgeville Monestary

Enterna , Shilo Village,Karamja, North Neitiznot , and Ape Atoll

  • In the Shilo Village
  • In Brimhaven
  • West of the Law Altar in Enterna
  • North Neitiznot across the bridge
  • North of the Ape Atoll teleport

Ardougne , Ardougne farming patch, Yannile, Camelot

  • South of the Flax field (From the Camelot teleport)
  • West of Yannile outside of the gate
  • East side of Witchaven
  • North-East of the battlefield that is South-West of Ardougne