Falador Park
Also called Fally
Members Area? No
Amount of Banks Two
Amount of Altars One
Points of Interest Falador Castle, and Falador Park, Falador Party room
Accessibility City Teleports
Falador's Location on the map
Falador is one of the major cities in Soulsplit. Containing a large mining area underground, which allows players easy access to the mining and smithing aspect of skilling.


Falador can be entered through the north gate, which has a road leading to many other places. Falador can also be entered from the south side of the city. The city teleport in the mage book can teleport you to all the cities in Soulsplit. There is a Falador portal in Edgeville near the bank that can teleport you to the middle of the city.


Falador has two banks. They are located on both sides of the city. The east bank has a lot more space than the west bank. The east bank used to be where the old trading spot was. The trades which occurred around the east bank were vital to the flow of Soulsplit's economy. There is also a chaos altar south-east of the east bank. However the west bank is just a bank. It does not have any history.

White Knights' Castle

In Soulsplit it is just a castle. The castle has no NPCs, and is almost always empty. Some players use it for personal events and giveaways, however.

Falador Park

Falador has its own park north of the east bank. Falador Park was also an important trading center. Located here is Sir Tiffy Cashien, an NPC who acts as a Sailor, providing a player with the same options a Sailor does.

Mining area

Falador is above a mine full of a variety of ores. However there is no way to get to the mine through Falador. You can teleport there by using Dungeon Teleports > More > Falador Cave.


Falador has all the basic shops in the middle of the city.

1. General Store

Containing skilling items and items to use for completing clue scrolls.

2. Weapon Store

All basic Melee weapons can be found here

3. Archer Store

All basic ranging gear can be found here.

4. Aubury's Magic Store

All basic Magic gear can be found here. You can buy bulk runes by talking to the store owner.

5. Aemad

You can receive your stuff that you bought from the Soulsplit Store here.

6. Alrena

You can activate Account Management Panel Account, and Reset AMP by talking to this NPC.

7. Skillcape Shop

This is where you can buy your Skillcapes.

8. Armour Store

This is where you buy Iron-Rune armour sets. It includes Fremennik helms, Granite shields, Spirit shields, and Helm of Neitiznot.

9. Supply Store

This store has a variety of robes, hats, jewelry, teleports, food, and potions.

10. Slayer Shop

This shop has 2 shops in 1 NPC. The first shop contains items that can help you with Slayer tasks. The second contains items that you can buy Slayer Reward Points with.

NPC Locations

  • Falador Center
  1. Shopkeeper
  2. Zeke
  3. Zaff
  4. Lowe
  5. Alrena
  6. Aemad
  7. Paladin
  8. Wise Old Man
  9. Horvik
  10. Giles
  • West Bank
  1. Vannaka
  • East Bank
  1. Aemad
  • Falador Park
  1. Sir Tiffy Cashien
  2. Sir Kay
  3. Man
  4. Make-over Mage
  5. Wise Old Man