Completionist cape
File:Completionist cape.png
AKA? Comp cape
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? No
Stackable? No
Examine text It's a Completionist cape.
After mastering all of your skills (including 120 in Dungeoneering and 500 Player Kills), you will be able to purchase a cape from Prince Brand, located in Lumbridge, prices varying by mode:

Mode Price
Extreme 100M (100,000,000)
Legend 300M (300,000,000)
Lord 750M (750,000,000)
Sir 1.5B (1,500,000,000)

It is the best available cape in Soulsplit, and offers the best possable stats. It is also always kept on death and can be customized to a player's liking. The Completionist cape can also be utilized as a shortcut teleport to Edgeville. Simply go to your Equipment Tab, right click the Completionist cape and click Operate.

Combat Stats
Class Slot
None Cape slot
Bonus Attack Defence
Stab +10 +12
Slash +10 +12
Crush +10 +12
Magic +10 +12
Range +10 +12
Special bonuses
Strength +8
Prayer +13
A player wearing a completionist cape


  • The Completionist Cape acts as an Ava's accumulator and will retrieve arrows upon firing.
  • The cape also combines the functions of the Ardougne cloak 3 and spirit cape.
  • The Completionist Capes emote turns the user into a dragon.